About Debi Bailey



Debi Bailey is Michigan native and spent much her childhood climbing trees in the woods, catching frogs in the creek or building forts in the ferns. She has backgrounds in photography, painting, jewelry making, science, baking, heritage home arts and Montessori secondary education. 

Debi's photography reflects her deep connection to the natural world, especially as seen by how she captures the small moments and breathtaking details that can be found along the wooded trail or lakeshore. 

In the bakeshop, Debi uses only the freshest ingredients.  She incorporates homegrown, handpicked and local organic first.  Delicious cakes, cookies and pies are made in small batches and hand decorated.

Debi attended the University of Michigan Art School and earned Bachelor's degrees in biology and K-8 math / science education from Eastern Michigan University.  She also earned a Master's degree in Montessori Secondary Education from Xavier University. 

After spending recent years raising her two children, teaching middle school and working with entrepreneurs, Debi is now returning to the studio to further her work in photography, refresh her skills in pottery and explore new media.