Two Michigan artists with kindred spirits and a love for all things natural.



Enjoy nature’s splendor with handmade designs.

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debi bailey pottery

About Debi Bailey

Debi Bailey is a native Michigan artisan who loves the great outdoors and creating things. Her art interests include ceramics, photography, printmaking and fiber arts. She is passionate about science, cooking, heritage home arts, gardening and Montessori education. Debi’s art reflects her deep connections to the natural world, especially her love of the forests and lakes of the north country. 

woodblock carving

About Gregorio Perez

Gregorio Perez is a multi-media artist working in relief printmaking, pottery, wood and concrete.

Perez draws inspiration from the following:

  • William Morris for his botanical design excellence
  • Maria Martinez, for her grit and use of natural materials with pottery
  • The Great Smoky Mountains arts and crafts community for their love of nature and woodworking skills.
  • George Nakashima for his mastery of wood furniture
  • Wabi Sabi aesthetic for its simplicity, ephemeral beauty and lack of ego.

Perez is currently employed at Rovin Ceramics, a Motawi Tileworks subsidiary, where he is the clay production lead. He taught drawing, painting, sculpture and printmaking at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp in Twin Lakes, MI.

Perez graduated from the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Western Michigan University with degrees in Industrial Design and Art. He has donated several of his graphic designs to the River Raisin Watershed Council (RRWC) to help support conservation and environmental education.